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Catalan is a Romance Language of the West branch. It has common aspects with the Iberianromance languages - such as its morphology - and the Gauleromance languages - such as its phonetics and some vocabulary. It is quite similar to the Occitan language.

Linguistic domain:

Catalan is the own language in a large territory whose main part is in Spain , but also in Andorra, France and Italy (Sardinia island).

Specifically, this is its domain:

All these figures are just approximate, but the total population of Catalan speakers is about 10.540.000 people.

From the linguistic point of view, these countries border on: Spanish - in the West and South- , Occitan -in the North and North-East- and Italian -in the East-. But the main influence is from: Spanish, French and Italian, official languages in the countries where Catalan is spoken.

Catalan is found in the 21st place (out of 56)in number of speaker people if we compare it with other European languages, such as Danish, Norvegian, Eslovac, Eslovenian, Basque, and so on.

As an example, its territory is bigger than Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland.

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