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The IDP is looking for volunteers to help with typing in pages of the dictionary, and to proofread other volunteers' data. Neither requires any knowledge of French - all you need is a half-hour to an hour of free time throughout the course of a week, a Web browser, and Microsoft Word on your computer.

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Volunteer Typists are given a scanned image of one page of the dictionary, which can be viewed in any Web browser. It should take an average-speed typist about an hour to enter one page. If you can type your e-mail, you can volunteer as a typist. Typing can be done in Microsoft Word, WordPad, Word Perfect, or other common word processing programs, and should be entered exactly as it looks on the page. (For specifics, see the typing instructions.) This way, the final computer file will look almost exactly like the dictionary page. When a typist finishes a page it is sent back to the IDP, who assigns it to a proofreader for verification.

Volunteer Proofreaders are given a scanned image of one page of the dictionary, which can be viewed in any Web browser, and a Microsoft Word document which represents the typed-in version of that page. Proofreaders compare the typed-in page to the scanned page to make sure that everything was entered correctly. This comparison should take about a half-hour per page. The proofreader makes notes about any typing that is incorrect or is uncertain, and returns the Word document to the IDP. The IDP corrects any mistakes the proofreader found, and then adds the new page to the complete dictionary file.

If you would like to volunteer your time as either a proofreader or a typist, please send us mail so that we can assign you to a page.