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Information about the Human-Languages Page

History of the H-LP

The Human-Language Page was started in May of 1994 to address the lack of an organized list of language-learning materials available on the Internet. It initially began with 30 links that I had found by hand, along with a call to others to notify me of sites they had seen or even sites they ran that might be appropriate. In June of 1995, the list had grown to over 300 links comprising over 60 different languages. The H-LP stayed fairly static between June of 1995 and January of 1996 becuase of some big things in my life - graduating from Willamette University, falling in love with Jennifer, moving in to a new place, and getting a job (also at Willamette). In January of 1996, I undertook a project I had been promising for some time - to put the contents of the H-LP into a database. The reasons for this were twofold: First, it would make it easier for me to add, delete, and change the information the page contained. Second, it would make it easier and faster for people to find the information they needed by allowing them to search all of the entries, and to give them smaller lists of information to deal with. (Instead of viewing all 330 entries, users could just look at the Spanish resources.) In late January, the English database was completed and opened up for testing, along with a brand-new look to the H-LP. The H-LP database currently contains over 1800 resources covering more than 100 different languages.

How can my company/site get listed on the H-LP?

Use the "Add" button on any H-LP screen to e-mail me your company or site's Web address (URL) along with a brief description. I will personally visit your site and add it to the H-LP (with my own description) within a week or two (usually).

How can my company advertise on the H-LP?

Individual listings aren't allowed to have blatant "ad pitches" in either their name or description. To make your company stand out, you can purchase "banner ads" on the HLP. To find out more, send mail to the HLP.

How to use the H-LP

The H-LP is an index of resources, organized by type and by language. From the main page, choose the type of resources you would like to look at. The current resource types are:

Key to buttons

There are a few standard button images on every page:
Home (the house icon): Takes you to the main page.
Search: Takes you to a form to search the H-LP database.
Mail: Takes you to a form to send me email.
Info: Takes you to this page (information about the H-LP).
In addition, each resource is preceeded by a button image:
+ Regular entries.

[New!] New entries (added or changed within the last 30 days).

Credits for the H-LP

I, Tyler Chambers, am the creator, owner, and maintainer of the Human-Languages Page. I do all the HTML writing, graphics, and programming for the H-LP. I only maintain the English portion of the H-LP - any translated pages or information was provided by a volunteer, whose name should accompany any such pages.

The Internet Hardlink currently stores the H-LP and accompanying database files and programs.

The information included in the H-LP was provided by hundreds of individuals across the Internet who notified me of new or interesting sites they run or found. Each site is initially previewed by me to assure that its content is approprate for the H-LP.

Jennifer, of course, continues to be my inspiration, and Luna likes to bite my foot.

Awards, Nominations, and Rankings

The Human-Languages Page has been recognized by many of the major on-line ranking sites, and was even a GNN Best of the Net 1995 nominee. Following are the award images/links this site has thus-far collected.

GNN Best of the Net Nominee 1995 Top 5 Percent of the Web ( Club Web Platinum 100 Dr Matrix World of Science InterNIC Academic Guide to the

The Human-Languages Page has also been reviewed or mentioned in:

If you see the H-LP mentioned or reviewed in a newspaper or magazine article, please let me know so I can try and find a copy of the article. Or, you can mail them to me (email me for my address). I'm still trying to get a Jan 7 '96 copy of the Atlanta Journal to see what the article said.

The H-LP Database Software

The software that the new H-LP uses for its database is my own creation, and is still being developed. At this time, it appears stable, but I am still adding features to it to make it work better. When I finalize the software (which is comprised of a couple Perl scripts and 2 database files), I will be happy to share it with anyone who feels like it might aid them. Currently, its main features are: When the software becomes available, I will announce it on the H-LP.
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