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We Hate Junk E-Mail

Junk e-mails received since May 18, 1997: thousands and thousands

Looking for information on junk e-mail? Want to know why junk e-mail is a bad thing? Want to know how to avoid getting it?

This is June29.com's humble contribution to the anti junk e-mail movement. The icons on the left take you to pages to educate and inform you of the growing problem that is junk e-mail. If you have your own contributions you'd like to share with others, mail us and we'll add your suggestions to the information here.

To try and avoid getting some junk e-mail, you can add your e-mail address to the remove filter at IEMMC. Does it work? Who knows. It is only supposed to stop junk e-mail from IEMMC members, which are probably the minority right now.

For system administrators, how to ban mail from entire domains, plus a banned domains file to get you started. Information courtesy of Mr. X.