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The Best Trade Courses Available in Brisbane

With career ratings in Brisbane at an all-time high people are finding jobs that they have wanted all of their lives much more often than in previous years. With this in mind, it would make sense that more and more people are turning to traditional trade jobs so that they can build a c career for themselves by learning a skill that is in constant demand around the Brisbane area. It is not everyone’s preference to pursue an academic career so the fact that such amazing opportunities are available to so many people can only be a positive thing.  

Carpenters Degree

 A carpenters degree in Brisbane is a very reliable professional to have, woodwork covers such a wide variety of things within so many different industries meaning that if you were able to secure a degree in this sector there are many different options available for you in later life. Carpentry is used in most areas of the various industries that make up our society, meaning that there should be many job opportunities available to you if you were to pursue a degree in carpentry and woodwork. If you are a creative individual then I would highly recommend that you look at the opportunities for design and creativity that are present within this trading course. In Brisbane in particular we have seen a huge rise in the number of enrollments onto these kinds of trade courses so you should definitely be on the lookout for the talented graduates that should come through the system in the next few years.  

 It has been noted in recent news in Brisbane that a very high paying position has opened up within a local decking company, jvk and sons are a deck building company in Brisbane that are offering three local graduates the opportunity to join their team. This position is just one example of job opportunities that are out there for someone with a  trade course qualification and there really is a lot of options to choose from.   

Electrical Work

As technology is advancing at such a rapid rate I think it would be safe to say that we are going to need electrical workers for many years to come, much like carpentry there are many different areas within the electrical work industry that a student could focus their studies on. These courses are very high quality in Brisbane with many institutions all over the region being commended for both their course content and teaching quality. As these trade curses have seen so much recognition for their quality and the employability of students who graduate from an electrical work-trade course we should be seeing some pretty well-rounded individuals enter the job market over the next few years, each with skills that have the potential to enter whatever industry they would like to work in.  


Welding may not be the most interesting trade course that you could do in Brisbane but what many people do not know is that welding is actually one of the most desirable industries to work in when you look at the different trade career options that are present in today’s society. Welding is such a specialized skill that if you are proficient in being able to weld properly you have the potential to become one of the most sought-after tradespeople industry-wide. It is not a common skill to have and if you are able to weld using the more traditional methods you should not be short of work as welding is used so often within the world of construction.  


A final trade course that would be great for someone who is unsure about the direction they want to take their career would be plumbing, this industry is universal through the fact that it is something that is always going to be in demand by the public. There will always be a need for plumbing which is why it is a great course to choose as you can be sure that you have the best chances of getting a job at the end of your course. If you have doubts about how likely you are to get a job when choosing what course to do then I would urge you to find something that you know is going to be needed for many years to come.  

The Teachers Guide to Maximizing your Studying

Most people need to start to learn and adapt to good studying habits at a young age to be successful at studying when they’re sitting on more important exams when they’re older. Many people find the earlier years of high school easy and can do well in their exams without revision, whilst this is fine at the time as they progress further through the education system they realize that they don’t know how to revise as they haven’t practiced it. Other people get so used to a certain way of studying, but as the workload increases and the content gets much harder their usual method may not cut it anymore and it may be difficult to adapt to a new method.

Luckily, there are so many ways to study that you’ll definitely find a method to suit you. There are traditional methods like writing and rewriting notes and there are now more accessible resources than ever available online so if you dislike the traditional methods you can try something newer like using a quiz website. If you’re struggling with your studies at the minute then the best person to ask for advice is a teacher, they’re trained to help every student so we’ve rounded up some of the best tips from the professionals and made a handy guide on how you can maximize your studying.

Don’t Just Read

If you’re currently studying for anything then you’ve probably heard your own teacher tell you a thousand times that reading doesn’t count as studying. You’re probably sick of hearing it but it is the most common mistake that students make so we’ve had to include it here. When you read and re-read your notes you may feel like you’re revising, but you’re not actively engaging your brain so it’s hard to retain the information. As a rule of thumb if it’s a quick method to learning information then it’s also a quick method to forget it too. Some students think that reading and highlighting important parts of the information is an effective way to study, but even this is not the case. This is a helpful thing to do as then when you begin to study you’ll know what things to prioritize, but this alone is not enough.

Alternatives to Reading

Now you know what definitely not to do, so next, we asked the teacher what students should do instead to study most efficiently. The most common answer that most teachers gave us was to create a study guide so that you’re organized and it’s clear in your head what topics you need to cover. Once you’ve done this one of the most effective ways of studying is to make up questions based on your notes and create a quiz, or check online to see if someone who has studied for the same exam as you in the past has already made one. It’s becoming more common for people to share their revision notes online which is great as it saves you time.

Other common methods that have proven to be successful among students include partnering up and teaching each other, if you’re teaching someone about a topic you have to thoroughly understand it, so if you can do this it’s likely you know the topic pretty well. Mind maps are also great if you’re a more visual learner and for more maths-based subjects the best way to study is to dive in and practice the application of the content on some past paper questions.

The Study Cycle

The study cycle is really important to understand if you want to maximize your studying, many teachers recommend learning about it and were surprised that most students were unaware of it. There are several stages to studying: reading the materials before class, attending class, reviewing what you learned during class, studying the content, and then checking that you thoroughly understand it. While this may seem obvious, the importance of it is underestimated and many students try to skip steps. For example, a student may not do the reading before class because they know their teacher will cover it. This is damaging to students learning as the most efficient way to learn is in different modes, reading, listening, and writing and through repetition. By engaging with the material through all three types of learning you’re much more likely to retain the information.


The intensity of your study session is another important factor in maximizing your studying. Having a short study session at a higher intensity is a much more effective way to study than spending hours studying and getting distracted whilst you do it. The optimal time for studying is between 30 and 45 minutes, recent studies have shown that this is how long your brain can work for at its best, any longer than 45 minutes and you won’t retain as much information.

Don’t Get Disheartened

Sometimes studying can get difficult and when you forget things that you thought you knew or get questions wrong you start to lose your motivation. This next tip will hopefully help you see mistakes in a new light. Making mistakes is actually one of the best things you can do whilst you’re revising. If you identify a problem whilst you’re studying then you’ll have time to ask for help and sort the problem out and be prepared for your exam, so don’t let mistakes get you down and put you off studying.

Digital Education: What is the Internet And How Does it Work

The internet has been the major thing that transformed society into the society that we now recognize today. It would be difficult for us to think of a time when the internet didn’t exist as we have all become so reliant on it. It has so many uses and if it was to stop working society as w know it wouldn’t be able to function. Considering this is such an important thing in everyone’s lives, it’s surprising that whilst most people know what it is they don’t know how it actually works.

What is the Internet?

The internet was developed by the United States back in October of 1969, it was used by the United States Department of Defence Researchers. The internet as the world wide web as we know it was developed later, it was created by CERN in Switzerland in the 1990s. In the simplest terms, it is the world’s biggest network of computers, within this huge network are smaller networks that all carry a large amount of information. Billions of people use the world wide web every single day. As so many people use it this increases the importance of a good broadband connection as this allows you to connect to the internet and it allows you to access it at high speeds.

Why is the internet important?

The creation of the internet affected every single aspect of life. It made it possible to connect with friends and family on the other side of the world in a way that’s much more personal than sending a letter. It changed the high street shopping experience as now you don’t have to leave to go shopping, you can do it from one of your devices whilst laying in bed. It changed how people watch films and TV shows, instead of slicking through cable channels complaining about how terrible daytime TV is, people can now watch any movie they want at any time of day.

The Internet and Education

One of the most important things that the internet changed is it massively improved the quality of education. The internet contains massive amounts of information, I’m yet to google a question and not be given a page full of sites that have the answer. This has made education much more accessible, even top institutes like Yale and Harvard provide free courses. It’s also made teaching much easier as students all learn differently, in the past teachers were restricted in what resources they can use mainly using textbooks. Thanks to the internet there are now resources online that will cover every teaching method so no students are left at a disadvantage.

The Internet and the News

Before the internet, the only way people could get any news was from reading newspapers and listening to the radio. If people were to read newspapers then they’d only be aware of things that were published in that specific newspaper. The internet has made it much easier for people to be aware of both national current affairs and things happening internationally. Many people now keep up to date with the news hourly, some get notifications on their phone of articles they may be interested in up to 10 times a day. It also allows for more variation in the news that people are reading as online there are many independent journalist websites where people with different opinions to the mainstream media write their take of events.

How does the Internet Work?

The internet has had a huge impact on society and had an extremely positive impact on many fields. But, how does it actually work to do all of this? You’ll probably be surprised to know that the internet is no more complex than your standard computer network, it functions by moving data from one place to another and this allows us to use all of its features. The process in which it moves this data is a process called packet switching. This process takes your data and splits it up into tiny little pieces, each piece has a location tag attached to it. The pieces separately make their way to the destination and then on arrival are all put back together. The data can take many routes to its destination but it is such a sophisticated network that it always takes the fastest and most efficient route available. The reason that packet switching is used is that if it wasn’t then if you were to, for example, send an email, and it was sent as a whole, this would cause a section of the network to be blocked, and it would be blocked every time anyone sent an email. Packet switching allows everyone to access and use the internet at the same time as it causes no blockages.

The Different Areas of Medicine you can Specialize In

Most people are aware of how much hard work and commitment it takes to become specialized in any area of medicine. It is one of the hardest fields to get into as it takes years of dedication, from years of intense studying to high-pressure hands-on practice. To become specialized in medicine you have to be a specific type of person who will consistently put the work in, retain a lot of information and be able to deal with large amounts of stress every single shift. The amount of knowledge that those who specialize in medicine retain is highly impressive, they have to know everything from simple things like where to recommend if you’re looking for the best natural testosterone boosters to extremely complex things such as how to perform brain surgery, and they must also know everything in between.

Many people who specialize in medicine feel like it was their calling from a young age and that is why they’re able to put in the hard work. It may be one of the hardest qualifications to achieve and one of the most demanding jobs but it is also one of the most rewarding careers. After a long shift, those who specialize in medicine may be exhausted but knowing that they may have saved someone’s life whilst at work gives them the drive to go back and do it all again the day after. People who have specialized in medicine and who do save lives daily have said that there is no other feeling like it, but on the flip side, they’ve said it can be hard to get over when they’re unsuccessful. There are many areas of medicine that you can specialize in depending on where your interest lies.

Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine is also widely known as accident and emergency medicine. This is one of the most stressful areas of medicine to specialize in as the patients you will be treated will need urgent care and any mistakes you make could even be fatal. If someone falls into harm and ends up with a traumatic injury, it is the responsibility of the emergency medicine doctors to quickly but accurately diagnose what is wrong with the patient. In some situations, this may not be high stress but after things such as car accidents, the emergency medicine doctors have to act quickly but carefully to stabilize a patient and determine what the next best step is for them. The pressure builds as emergency medicine doctors are responsible for several patients at 1 time so is an extremely demanding field of medicine to work in.


Neurology is a field of medicine that focuses on the nervous system. The nervous system is one of the most vital parts of the human body, it controls and regulates any communications within the body and is responsible for all mental activity including thinking, learning, and memory. As it is so important to our survival then neurology is one of the most important fields of medicine. Doctors in this field are responsible for diagnosing any issues relating to the central and peripheral nervous system and deciding on the right course of treatment. If something is going wrong with your nervous system this causes your body to act differently to how you’re used to, some of the symptoms include coordination problems as there is an interruption in communication signals, muscle weakness, and dizziness. Some of the more serious conditions that they are responsible for treating are epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord disorders.


Psychiatry has become a much more prominent and important field of medicine in recent years. In the past, there was a massive stigma around talking about mental health issues and many people’s feelings were just written off. Now, people don’t run away from talking about their mental health but it is encouraged to speak up when you’re feeling low. Psychiatrists are specialized in mental health and they are responsible for diagnosing people who have any issues or disorders and helping the patient to deal with them with a personalized treatment plan. They are highly trained and can recognize symptoms and distinguish what condition a person is likely suffering from, for example, anxiety or eating disorders. The treatment that will be provided can either be talking therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, prescribed medication, or a mix of both.

Family Medicine

Family medicine is a more generalized field to work in and usually involves working from an office rather than being responsible for surgeries in a hospital. Whilst these doctors may be under less pressure as people who come to visit them and ask for advice usually aren’t in life-threatening situations, their job is still very demanding. As they are more general they have to retain more information than someone who has specialized in neurology. They see patients of all ages for any conditions at all. They see patients all day, every day and from listening to the patient and simple tests like blood pressure tests have to accurately diagnose each and every patient.


Dermatologists are responsible for adult patients who have any issues with their skin, hair, and nails. They will be able to look at a patient’s skin and diagnose correctly anything from acne to skin cancer. Following a diagnosis, they’re trained to perform complex surgeries such as skin biopsies where necessary, a lot of the time prescribing medicine is the only treatment necessary.

8 Helpful Hints for Studying Finance and Accounting

From a young age, we are told for a long time to pursue careers that will make sure that we are financially stable for the rest of our lives.  Some of these jobs are usually those that are found in the private sector, such as doctors, lawyers, and even financial advisors. These are the kind of jobs that people want to pursue, as it usually guarantees financial safety and also makes them an important member of society.

However, there is a reason that these jobs provide financial security and this is because they are extremely difficult to do and even more difficult to get into. This is especially the case when it comes to studying a subject like finance and accounting. Millions of people choose to study these subjects in higher education, which means the market surrounding that particular subject is extremely congested. Because of this fact, most people will either fail to make it to the end of their education, or they won’t be able to make it in such a competitive job market.

Because of this fact, it is important that you achieve the best possible grade that is available to you, as this will make you stand out in the extremely busy market. Here are our 8 helpful tips for studying finance and accounting.

Constant practice

The most common habit of any student is to try not to think about their work when they are away from their course. If you are someone that is studying accountancy, then you don’t really have the luxury of stepping away from your work and focusing on other topics. This is because you have to constantly ensure that you are practicing and preparing for quick mathematics. Maths is something that you need to be able to do off the top of your head, especially if you are looking for work in the industry. For example, if you want to work for an agency that provides qualified personal injury leads, they won’t want you to take a long time to be able to complete simple maths.

Keep a notebook

One of the best tools that you could keep when completing your qualifications is a notebook. A lot of people make the mistake of not keeping a note of what they learn while they are going through the education. This means they often forget useful tips or methods which could make their learning much easier.

Practice with peers

The best people to work with while you are trying to get your qualifications are people that are in the same boat as you. More often than not, these people will have also thought of their own methods and ways to combat some of the equations that you will have struggled with in the past, and vice versa.

Practical application

One of the best ways that you can learn how to be better at quick maths is by applying it whenever you possibly can. Maths can be applied to pretty much every situation that you may encounter, so it’ll do you no harm to try and apply maths whenever you can. This will strengthen your own knowledge and also make a lot of simple maths easier.

Accept additional help

When you are completing further education you are essentially paying for a service. Because of this, your educational institution will do all that they can to make it appear as though they are worth the price that you are paying. As a result of this, it is likely that they will offer you a lot of additional help which will allow you to combat any problems you may be having, so be sure to take advantage of everything that is being offered to you.

Throw away the calculator

One way that you can really let yourself down when trying to get your accounting qualification is by depending too much on your calculator during your everyday life. Doing so can really make you forget how to do simple equations, which could really let you down.


Another important tip when it comes to studying for your qualification is really understanding the equations that you are doing. It is easy to memorize some of your work, but it is far more beneficial that you understand how the equation really works as this will make learning a far easier process.

Take time to look after yourself

One of the most important elements of studying properly for any exam is making sure that you are looking after yourself. Among all of the stress of education and exams, students can quickly become overwhelmed which is only detrimental to their potential grades. Ensure that you are getting plenty of sleep, as well as eating a balanced and healthy diet. This will keep your brain healthy, which will help you study.