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How to Impress at Your Next School Interview

How to Impress at Your Next School Interview

School interviews are some of the most high pressure and nerve wrecking interviews that you have to attend. There is always so much riding on an interview as after putting in years of work to get into a good school, how you come across as the interview often determines whether or not you’ll be accepted into your dream school. Luckily there is lots that you can do to try and prepare for your interview so that you can increase your chances of doing well in it and being accepted. If you have school interviews coming up and you want to be prepared then keep reading to find out how you can impress your interviewer.

How important are my grades?

When it comes to getting into a good school, grades are by far the most important thing. You can dazzle your interviewer but if you don’t have the required grades to back it up you won’t be accepted. To ensure that you have the grades that you need it’s important that you start putting work in a long time before your interview as it won’t be possible to cram. If you’re working hard but still struggling then it could be a good idea to get some additional 1 to 1 tuition to help you achieve the grades you need, there are many places that offer this service but a great place we recommend is Palm Beach international academy.

Should I take part in extra curricular activities?

Whilst your grades are incredibly important and shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of extra curricular activities, if you can manage to take part in both and excel in both then we definitely recommend extra curricular activities. This will give you something to talk about at your interview other than your school work and it’ll show that you want to be a part of the school community and are a well rounded person. This is often important to manage to gain a place as school spirit at school is widely encouraged and celebrated. Finding an extra curricular activity that you enjoy is also a great stress reliever when your word load is getting heave as it guarantees you’re having fun during your school week, not just working.

Should I visit the school before attending my interview?

Yes! Most schools offer potential candidates the opportunity to visit the school before attending their interview and we can’t recommend getting involved with one of these open days more. Not only does it show your dedication to the school and how much you want to attend, it also allows you to get a feel for the school community and can learn more about the school. By knowing about the school you’ll be attending your interview with plenty to talk about and lots of reasons why you would love to attend. Many interviewers won’t give out places to candidates who are not dedicated to the school so make sure that you do your homework on your dream school.

Should I practice for my interview?

This is another definite yes, although it is impossible to predict what an interviewer is going to ask you, most interviewers want to find out similar things about you, your skills and your grades. By finding a big list of potential practice questions you’ll be able to figure out what your main talking points are to sell yourself to your interviewer. It’s also a good idea to have someone close to you perform a mock interview with you so they can give you feedback on your answers. It’s important that they do have constructive criticism as interviews are tough and this will definitely help you prepare.

What should I wear for my interview?

How you present yourself is another massively important thing when it comes to a school interview. First impressions hold a lot of power for interviewers so wearing the correct attire is important. If you arrive looking scruffy then it will be harder to convince your interviewer you’re worthy of a place, you should dress smarter than you usually would and make sure that your hair is presentable.

How do I make a good first impression?

As already stated, looking presentable when you arrive is the first most important thing. You should also remember that your interview actually starts as soon as your interviewer lays eyes on you as you walk in the room. Make sure that on arrival you’re polite and warm as this is one of the best ways to come across, you should also ask questions when you arrive as it will show that you’re interested from the offset.

What time should I arrive for my interview?

It is important to be punctual, but not to arrive too early. Arriving late is the worst first impression, if you think you’re going to be late the best thing you can do is have the school’s number on standby so you can inform them in advance that you’re running late. But it can also be inconvenient for an interviewer if you arrive too early, so avoid doing this too. If you’re going to be early then the best advice is to wait nearby until its 5/10 minutes until your scheduled interview time. This is the best timing to not annoy your interviewer before your interview has begun.

The Best Computer Science Courses in the UK

There is no denying that our world has become a predominantly digital one. Everywhere you go these days you are met with contactless payments, electric advertising displays, and automated services. And with the rise of smartphones and 4G, we now have the full power of the internet trapped in our pockets. VR technology is advancing at a staggering pace. Self-driving cars are on the horizon. And we even have working robots and AI systems that could soon start replacing the human workforce.

No matter what your opinion on this new wave of technology is, it is impossible to deny that it is an unstoppable wave. And with it, there has been an increase in technological education. More and more fields of work are appearing that are focused on technology. Both hardware and software development. So we are going to examine the best computer science courses on offer in the United Kingdom. For those just about to start their university experience, or maybe even those looking to return to education after a long break.


This one will come as no surprise to anyone. The most prestigious and highly rated university in the western world has the top computer science course. Oxford has a rich history which comes with a long line of financial backers in the form of alumni and figures of significance. Because of this, they can afford the best equipment and computers labs. Students at Oxford are wanting for nothing. So if you have the skills and grades to get into Oxford, we recommend you do.


Another non-surprising entry onto the list. Cambridge is nearly on par with Oxford. The two universities are constantly battling for the title of the best university. But regardless of that, both offer amazing courses. Cambridge’s computer science course makes use of top-grade equipment backed up by some of the best teachers the country has to offer. Those who attend this course go on to work for top-tier tech firms like Google or SphereIT. And while SphereIT is an IT support company, is it still a prestigious job to have.

Uni of Glasgow

Glasgow is a beautiful city in the heart of Scotland. It has a rich history and a lot of culture to soak up while you are there. But beyond that, it is also home to one of the best universities in the United Kingdom. The University of Glasgow receives strong financial support from the Scottish government and a number of benefactors meaning it can afford top-of-the-range equipment. But like the last two entries on the list, it is also quite difficult to actually get accepted to Glasgow University.

Birmingham University

Birmingham isn’t often reputed for its stellar education. But this is a stereotype that should not exist. Birmingham university’s computer science course sits near the top of the league tables time and time again. Birmingham itself is a bustling city, nearly on par with the advancement of London. So it makes sense the city would make sure their universities are offering the best tech courses they can so their workforce is up to par. This university is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t have the grades to get into Oxford or Cambridge as they are far more accepting of regular applicants while still offering top-tier education.

Bath University

Bath University is one of the best universities for the hard sciences in the country. Both the city and the university have a rich history dating all the way back to Roman times. Hence the name Bath, after the titular Roman Baths. So it is no wonder this university is so highly reputed. Its computer science course is fantastic. Very well funded with excellent teachers and great equipment. The city itself is vibrant and teeming with life and excitement making it one of the best university towns out there.

University of Southampton

When it comes to getting into top-tier universities, it is a highly competitive game. You need to know the rules and hit the right marks exactly. Otherwise, you don’t stand a chance. Which is universities like Southampton are such a good choice. It mixes the best of both worlds in a perfect way. Their computer science course is highly rated for both its top-tier teaching paired with its accessibility. The university is not overly picky about who it lets in much to its credit. It will give people a chance where other unis might not. The city of Southampton might not be the best uni town going, but Portsmouth and Brighton are nearby so you will never run out of places to go instead.

Health Science: Understanding how Supplements Work

The health and fitness supplement world is one that has gone through a huge amount of change in recent years with a shift in general opinion around the stigma that was once attached to using a health supplement.  This change in public opinion has opened up new opportunities for those who work in the industry allowing them to focus on releasing new and innovative products to fit around every lifestyle and fitness goal. No matter whether you would prefer to go for a more natural supplement you should be able to find an easy and safe to use the product to help you achieve your health goals and secure your fitness for your future.  

As the industry has seen so much growth recently the products that are available are much different from what we had ten years ago. Things like weight loss teas and daily protein capsules that offer gradual but strong results are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can find. As more and more people turn to health supplements to help facilitate their diet and exercise regimen it has become more necessary than ever to educate those who are not aware of what a supplement is and how it can and should be used to enhance your fitness results whilst staying safe. 

The basic concept behind most health supplement is that they are designed to help boost the speed at which you see results within your health and fitness regime, they come in many different forms from teas and milkshakes to daily capsules and gummy sweets, with supplements it is important to remember that they are not some kind of miracle treatment and that you will have to work hard by maintaining a regular form of exercise and diet plan to get the best results.  


Weight Loss Supplements 

For a long time many people viewed most weight loss supplements and treatment to be the same as the other fad diets that have fooled so many of us in the past, however with the recent developments in what can be sold and new natural products that can be implemented into your fitness plan to help shed those extra pounds, many peoples opinion has drastically changed. Some of the best product reviews for naturally helping to boost weight loss would be the new lean bean range and the Herbalife daily tea. There are many alternatives out there so it is down to you to do some research and check out customer reviews until you find something that would suit you and your lifestyle and preferences.  


Do They Work Alone? 

As is the case with most health and fitness supplements you will need to make sure that you are doing some form of regular exercise as well as reducing your calorie intake by eating healthier foods and smaller portions within your daily meals. If you do not do this it is likely that the products will be ineffective and any weight you lose will return when you stop the treatment you have chosen. If you want to see long-lasting results that are going to last a long time whether you stop taking the supplement or not you should do everything you can to help these amazing products work their magic by sticking to a plan of regular exercise and healthy eating.  

If you have any queries about taking weight loss supplements or you have any worries about taking the product in a safe way then I would highly recommend that you speak to your preferred doctor, trainer, or nutritionist who will be able to advise you on what you need to do to smoothly implement these products into your life. 


Meal Replacement Shakes 

For those of you that are looking for a way to lose weight quickly you may have heard of the term calorie deficit, this is basically when you are losing more calories than you are eating or drinking and it is one of the most effective ways that you can lose weight quickly. Whilst maintaining a regular form of exercise and eating healthy is also very effective, a great way that you can safely reduce your calorie intake would be to replace one of your daily meals with a meal replacement shake.   


How to Use Them 

These products have a bad reputation for being bad for your health and while it is true that when used incorrectly you could be doing damage to your body, when they are used in the right way alongside a healthy diet plan and exercise routine they are actually very safe and effective. Many people think that meal replacement shakes can be used with no extra help and that you will see results, however, the nutritional value that is within the shakes is only really effective when used to fuel a significant amount of exercise and workout. Another mistake that is made with meal replacement shakes is when people replace multiple meals with a shake thinking that it will speed up the results rate, most of these products are not designed for that and will limit the sustenance you would get from eating a proper meal which could be harmful to your health.  

Overall, as long as you are using them correctly and following the recommended advice that is provided either by the company or a professional who knows what they are talking about, you should be absolutely fine and see amazing results very soon.  


Protein Supplements 

Protein supplements and milkshakes are great to use prior to an intense muscle workout or weight training session as they will help boost the muscle gains and toning results that you see within your body. It is a common fitness goal that many people have to get big strong muscles all over the body and a great way that you can achieve this is by implementing one of the many protein and muscle supplements that exist into your fitness regime. As mentioned previously it is very important that you adhere to any fitness advice that is provided with the product, and the case with most protein supplements is that you will have to do extensive muscle workouts with the protein product to see significant gains and results.  


Getting the Most Out of Your Protein Supplement 

 Protein provides the specific tissue and encourages growth and repair in the muscles to help you gain strength and power at a much quicker rate, using a protein supplement to help you along the way is a very common thing amongst many people who are training regularly but many users are not actually aware of what can be done to boost your gains further.  

You should use your protein supplement on a daily basis especially on days when you are planning on working out or doing any weight training, it is during these periods that you will be in need of the extra protein not only to encourage muscle growth but to also help prevent any injuries or tearing within your muscles. If you want to get the most out of your supplement you should be doing all you can to do regular daily exercise and maintain a healthy diet. You should also have extra natural protein within your meals through foods like red meat, poultry, and eggs, as this extra fuel will only enhance the supplements you use as well as ensuring that you have plenty of energy for an intense workout.  


Energy Boosters 

In this time where everyone seems to be leading a very busy and hectic lifestyle, many people are looking for a natural and healthy energy booster that isn’t full of sugar and chemicals to help them along with their days. The supplement industry is home to many products of this nature with vitamin C capsules being one of the most effective, usually coming in a gummy sweet form or a dissolvable capsule that can be taken as a drink in the morning. They can be found in most supermarkets or over the counter at your local pharmacy at a very affordable price.  

Vitamin C is a great supplement to take if you are someone who lives their life on the go, they are designed to release small amounts of energy over a long period of time, and with many flavors to suit any preference they actually make for a very refreshing and hydrating drink to have before you get started with your day. 


Being Safe Using Energy Boosters 

When it comes to any kind of energy booster there are many concerns around how many are safe to use in a day, with the more natural vitamin C supplements and dissolvable drink capsules I would say that no more than two a day is reasonable as they are designed to last a long time throughout the day before you require a top-up. With this in mind, I would say that you should be fine taking one in the morning when you wake up and another around six hours later in the afternoon to get you through the day.  

Breaking down the Top Ten Institutions for Studying Medicine

Medicine is one field where those who want to study it and go into it as a career after they’ve finished studying are extremely passionate about it. Medical students have to be passionate about their degree as it is one of the most difficult degrees to complete. It is widely known that medical students can often be required to do almost double as much work as their peers on other courses. Many medical students have a difficult time getting through university as they have a huge workload for assignments, and they are required to do unpaid internships for hands-on experience and may students then have to work a paid job alongside this as they need additional funding to be able to afford their degree. When medicine students attend university they really do it for the love of their subject rather than for the university lifestyle and the parties.  

What would you study in your course?

Medicine is one of the most complex fields and the amount of knowledge you will gain on this course is impressive. Some of the main areas that you will learn about include in-depth information about the body’s systems, the science that has been discovered about them and what impacts it has on the body of any of those systems shut down or begin to fail, and what to do in that scenario. This is the main thing that you’ll be required to learn but there will be plenty of other things ranging from learning about what steroids are illegal vs which ones are legal and used for medicine and being aware of reviews of steroids that are legal to ensure you prescribe the correct drugs to your patient to understanding how vaccinations are created.  

Whilst there will be a lot of theory for you to learn about, no medicine courses are purely theory as hands-on experience is just as important. If you only did theory at University, then you would be unprepared to start your job as there is a big difference between theory and practice. Alongside knowing things like how to operate on people, you’ll also be required to excel at creating great patient-doctor relationships. Breaking bad news to a patient’s loved ones is one of the most difficult parts of the job, this is why you will start working on a placement early on as this will provide you with more confidence and experience when you begin.  

How do you get onto a medicine degree?

Getting onto a medicine degree can be tough. You’ll have to start putting the work in at a very young age as only the brightest pupils are selected to take part in a medicine course. Not only will you need to have some of the best grades to even be considered for a medical course, but you’ll also have to complete extra-curricular activities to prove how passionate you are about the course. Once you get accepted onto a degree it will no doubt be a demanding few years and even once you finish this there will be more required of you to become a doctor. You’ll have to continue studying for at least another 3 years after your undergraduate degree. Your studies after your undergraduate degree are when you’ll be able to specialize in whatever part of medicine you want to be working in. You’ll also need to get a license to be able to practice, so it is a very long journey, but if you make it to the end, it is a rewarding one.  

University of Oxford, UK

The University of Oxford is the highest rated University in the whole of the UK, and it is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It’s located in the City of Oxford, which is a great city, it’s a very old city which gives it charm and an amazing atmosphere. Even though it is an old city it does have modern areas so it has everything that you need from great nightlife, amazing shopping centers, and more restaurants than you could even try. It’s a very traditional university that frequently still hosts formal night events where students dress up nice and attend a 3-course meal in a stunning hall. Getting onto a medicine degree here is difficult, they have one of the lowest acceptance rates in the UK, but if you manage to then you’ll be almost guaranteed a job on completion.  

University of Cambridge, UK

The University of Cambridge is the 2nd highest-rated university in the UK and has a friendly rivalry with Oxford. These universities are such amazing universities that in the UK a common term to describe students who attend either of these universities is Oxbridge students. Being an Oxbridge student is an honor and only the top 2% of students get accepted into these prestigious institutions. The medicine courses here are some of the most challenging but best in the UK. The city is fantastic too, it has great links to the capital city London and if you’ve never tried punting before, you definitely will have it by the time you leave here. 

Harvard, USA

Harvard is the most prestigious institution in the USA, it’s located in Massachusetts and is one of the best Ivy League schools in America. It’s the most famous university worldwide and Harvard graduates have gone on to do amazing things and make a massive difference to society. It was established a long time ago, back in 1636 making it America’s oldest educational institution, and was named after its benefactor John Harvard. 

Yale, USA

Yale is in Connecticut and students from Yale, like Oxford and Cambridge, have a friendly rivalry. It’s the second-highest-rated educational institution in the USA and is another fantastic ivy league school that students nationwide aspire to be accepted to every year. It was founded after Harvard in 1701 and since that date, it has created many amazing graduates. If you were to study here, then it would be more difficult than at a mediocre institution but would be really rewarding. 

Dundee, UK

Dundee is a lesser-known university and overall, in the rankings, it doesn’t sit that high, but when it comes to breaking it down to the subject, it is the highest-rated university for medical degrees in the UK. Dundee would be a great university to go to if you’re looking for a quieter university experience, it’s a beautiful small city in Scotland that sits on the coast, so if drinks at the beach are more your thing than nights out then this would be the perfect city for you. 

Glasgow, UK

Glasgow is also in Scotland but instead of it being a small city, it’s the second biggest and most populated city in Scotland. Scotland is known for having fantastic medicine courses as Glasgow is the 2nd highest rated University when broken down by subject. It sits on the River Clyde so it still has the same stunning scenery as Dundee, but it also has amazing nightlife and a lot more going on in the day too. 

Stanford, USA

Stanford is another Ivy League school and is the 3rd best educational institution in the USA. It is on the West coast so if you’re wanting to go to University in a city where there are bound to be lots of sunny days then this will be perfect for you as it rarely rains in California. It was founded much later than both Yale and Harvard but has managed to climb the ranking table and is rapidly catching up to them. It was named after Jane Stanford in memory of her son who died at age 15. 


Another city in Scotland has made the list of the best institutions to study medicine as their medical courses are outstanding. Aberdeen isn’t a very big university city, but it is a beautiful port city that sits on both the River Dee and the River Don as this is where they meet before entering the North Sea. This university has one of the highest student satisfaction scores in all areas that are questioned. 

Edinburg, UK

This is another Scottish city that doesn’t rank highly in the overall list but is outstanding for its medicine courses. This is the capital of Scotland and therefore the busiest city, it has an amazing nightlife that rivals Glasgow and has plenty of fun activities to do during the day if you have any free time after studying. 

St. Andrews

St. Andrews is the 3rd highest-ranked university in the UK and for medical courses, it’s ranked 7th. It’s most well-known for its amazing golf courses and if you study here you’ll be great at golf by the end of your degree. Whilst the nightlife here isn’t great it’s near Edinburgh so you could easily go there for a night out when you need one. 

7 Educational Courses That Didn’t Exist Ten Years Ago

Nowadays there are so many opportunities out there when it comes to studying- there are courses that you probably can’t even believe exist or you may wonder who would actually take that course! There is literally a course to suit everyone, you no longer need to be ‘academic’ or ‘literate’ as there are many practical courses where you can showcase your talents and hobbies. Below are 7 educational courses that currently exist today, that have only come about in the last 10 years.

New Media

This course combines the traditional journalism course with the management of digital media. Media is something that while we would not consider as particularly new, it is increasingly becoming a massive part of our lives and this is expected to continue for many years. This course can slightly differ depending on what college you attend- some choose to prioritise computer and design skills of online media and others focus more on communications and digital skills. For anyone wanting to become a journalist, this would be a great course and may make you stand out from someone who has just a normal journalism qualification- if you are able to successfully manage the digital side of the job too then you will be more equipped for all aspects of this field.

Drug and Alcohol Studies

This might sound like a bit of a weird one when you first see the name… like how much content can you actually get from learning about drugs and alcohol? Why would anyone study that? But it can actually be very useful for particular jobs- some people may wish to work in a rehabilitation centre or work with charities that help those with addiction issues. Something that is currently being taught in these types of courses is- what is delta-8 THC? What are the side effects? And why is it legal in more places than you’d expect? This is definitely something reading upon.


This one is very self-explanatory; it is literally what it says on the tin- it combines biology with technology. The purpose of this being to explore and solve issues regarding agriculture, food science and medicine. Biotechnology is a broad area of biology, involving the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make products. Depending on the tools and applications, it often overlaps with related scientific fields. Related fields include bioinformatics, biomedical engineering and biomedical engineering.

Computer Game Design

Now, this would be a great course for those of you who constantly get nagged by your parents for gaming, right? Because technically… by gaming you’d be revising, gathering ideas, practising, analysing strengths and weaknesses of other games! There’s your solution right there! But on a serious note, computer game design is becoming an increasingly popular course and one that is finally being recognised as something that requires a lot of skill and creativity- you can’t just be creating any old game, it needs to be one that people actually want to be buying and playing continuously. There are also way more aspects than you’d think, it is not simply about how to physically create a game- the field of game design encompasses everything to do with creating and publishing games, it draws from the fields of computer science and programming, creative writing, psychology and graphic design; game designers are responsible for designing characters, levels, puzzles, art and animation.

Society and the Environment

This is a course that is really needed right now, we need people who are passionate about this topic to be able to educate others with the real facts, let them know exactly how we are destroying our planet, the effect it is having and what can be done to help out! Students studying this course would be learning about how social science theories can explain environmental issues. The syllabus draws together the disciplines History, Geography and Civics to be able to explore issues from all angles.

Outdoor Environmental Education and Outdoor Learning

This course would also include learning about the environment and current issues that are having a negative impact on it. However, there will be a significant focus on how we can interact with nature in a way that enhances our learning but also about nature, culture and society in general. There will also be a focus on how outdoor learning and interaction can support health and development. This course would be great for someone wanting to work with children in an outdoors environment such as an activity or water sports centre.

Spacecraft Design

This one sounds so fun, doesn’t it?! All of you who dreamed of being astronauts when you were younger can go for your goals! But let’s be honest, I think any of us would love to have a go at this. This course will teach you how to design a spacecraft, including how to integrate complex technical systems that must work in the most alien environment there is- space. You will cover- the space environment and its effects, spacecraft platform systems and design, satellite manufacture and testing, applications of small, low-cost satellites and space mission analysis and design. You will be able to have amazing experiences such as doing a realistic simulation of a spacecraft experience!

As you can see, there are now many more courses out there that can help you get into any job! It is no longer just core subjects that are considered to be important because as we know, there are many different careers and all of them serve an important role in society

The Teachers Guide to Maximizing your Studying

Most people need to start to learn and adapt to good studying habits at a young age to be successful at studying when they’re sitting on more important exams when they’re older. Many people find the earlier years of high school easy and can do well in their exams without revision, whilst this is fine at the time as they progress further through the education system they realize that they don’t know how to revise as they haven’t practiced it. Other people get so used to a certain way of studying, but as the workload increases and the content gets much harder their usual method may not cut it anymore and it may be difficult to adapt to a new method.

Luckily, there are so many ways to study that you’ll definitely find a method to suit you. There are traditional methods like writing and rewriting notes and there are now more accessible resources than ever available online so if you dislike the traditional methods you can try something newer like using a quiz website. If you’re struggling with your studies at the minute then the best person to ask for advice is a teacher, they’re trained to help every student so we’ve rounded up some of the best tips from the professionals and made a handy guide on how you can maximize your studying.

Don’t Just Read

If you’re currently studying for anything then you’ve probably heard your own teacher tell you a thousand times that reading doesn’t count as studying. You’re probably sick of hearing it but it is the most common mistake that students make so we’ve had to include it here. When you read and re-read your notes you may feel like you’re revising, but you’re not actively engaging your brain so it’s hard to retain the information. As a rule of thumb if it’s a quick method to learning information then it’s also a quick method to forget it too. Some students think that reading and highlighting important parts of the information is an effective way to study, but even this is not the case. This is a helpful thing to do as then when you begin to study you’ll know what things to prioritize, but this alone is not enough.

Alternatives to Reading

Now you know what definitely not to do, so next, we asked the teacher what students should do instead to study most efficiently. The most common answer that most teachers gave us was to create a study guide so that you’re organized and it’s clear in your head what topics you need to cover. Once you’ve done this one of the most effective ways of studying is to make up questions based on your notes and create a quiz, or check online to see if someone who has studied for the same exam as you in the past has already made one. It’s becoming more common for people to share their revision notes online which is great as it saves you time.

Other common methods that have proven to be successful among students include partnering up and teaching each other, if you’re teaching someone about a topic you have to thoroughly understand it, so if you can do this it’s likely you know the topic pretty well. Mind maps are also great if you’re a more visual learner and for more maths-based subjects the best way to study is to dive in and practice the application of the content on some past paper questions.

The Study Cycle

The study cycle is really important to understand if you want to maximize your studying, many teachers recommend learning about it and were surprised that most students were unaware of it. There are several stages to studying: reading the materials before class, attending class, reviewing what you learned during class, studying the content, and then checking that you thoroughly understand it. While this may seem obvious, the importance of it is underestimated and many students try to skip steps. For example, a student may not do the reading before class because they know their teacher will cover it. This is damaging to students learning as the most efficient way to learn is in different modes, reading, listening, and writing and through repetition. By engaging with the material through all three types of learning you’re much more likely to retain the information.


The intensity of your study session is another important factor in maximizing your studying. Having a short study session at a higher intensity is a much more effective way to study than spending hours studying and getting distracted whilst you do it. The optimal time for studying is between 30 and 45 minutes, recent studies have shown that this is how long your brain can work for at its best, any longer than 45 minutes and you won’t retain as much information.

Don’t Get Disheartened

Sometimes studying can get difficult and when you forget things that you thought you knew or get questions wrong you start to lose your motivation. This next tip will hopefully help you see mistakes in a new light. Making mistakes is actually one of the best things you can do whilst you’re revising. If you identify a problem whilst you’re studying then you’ll have time to ask for help and sort the problem out and be prepared for your exam, so don’t let mistakes get you down and put you off studying.

8 Helpful Hints for Studying Finance and Accounting

From a young age, we are told for a long time to pursue careers that will make sure that we are financially stable for the rest of our lives.  Some of these jobs are usually those that are found in the private sector, such as doctors, lawyers, and even financial advisors. These are the kind of jobs that people want to pursue, as it usually guarantees financial safety and also makes them an important member of society.

However, there is a reason that these jobs provide financial security and this is because they are extremely difficult to do and even more difficult to get into. This is especially the case when it comes to studying a subject like finance and accounting. Millions of people choose to study these subjects in higher education, which means the market surrounding that particular subject is extremely congested. Because of this fact, most people will either fail to make it to the end of their education, or they won’t be able to make it in such a competitive job market.

Because of this fact, it is important that you achieve the best possible grade that is available to you, as this will make you stand out in the extremely busy market. Here are our 8 helpful tips for studying finance and accounting.

Constant practice

The most common habit of any student is to try not to think about their work when they are away from their course. If you are someone that is studying accountancy, then you don’t really have the luxury of stepping away from your work and focusing on other topics. This is because you have to constantly ensure that you are practicing and preparing for quick mathematics. Maths is something that you need to be able to do off the top of your head, especially if you are looking for work in the industry. For example, if you want to work for an agency that provides qualified personal injury leads, they won’t want you to take a long time to be able to complete simple maths.

Keep a notebook

One of the best tools that you could keep when completing your qualifications is a notebook. A lot of people make the mistake of not keeping a note of what they learn while they are going through the education. This means they often forget useful tips or methods which could make their learning much easier.

Practice with peers

The best people to work with while you are trying to get your qualifications are people that are in the same boat as you. More often than not, these people will have also thought of their own methods and ways to combat some of the equations that you will have struggled with in the past, and vice versa.

Practical application

One of the best ways that you can learn how to be better at quick maths is by applying it whenever you possibly can. Maths can be applied to pretty much every situation that you may encounter, so it’ll do you no harm to try and apply maths whenever you can. This will strengthen your own knowledge and also make a lot of simple maths easier.

Accept additional help

When you are completing further education you are essentially paying for a service. Because of this, your educational institution will do all that they can to make it appear as though they are worth the price that you are paying. As a result of this, it is likely that they will offer you a lot of additional help which will allow you to combat any problems you may be having, so be sure to take advantage of everything that is being offered to you.

Throw away the calculator

One way that you can really let yourself down when trying to get your accounting qualification is by depending too much on your calculator during your everyday life. Doing so can really make you forget how to do simple equations, which could really let you down.


Another important tip when it comes to studying for your qualification is really understanding the equations that you are doing. It is easy to memorize some of your work, but it is far more beneficial that you understand how the equation really works as this will make learning a far easier process.

Take time to look after yourself

One of the most important elements of studying properly for any exam is making sure that you are looking after yourself. Among all of the stress of education and exams, students can quickly become overwhelmed which is only detrimental to their potential grades. Ensure that you are getting plenty of sleep, as well as eating a balanced and healthy diet. This will keep your brain healthy, which will help you study.

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One of the main problems I faced when moving to an English-speaking nation was adapting to the change in the internet. Speaking the language was one thing, but mastering reading the language with ease was another. And it was made more complex by the ever-increasing use of slang terms or internet-speak being featured on a lot of websites. This was extra annoying while I was attempting to furnish my new apartment as I couldn’t make sense of what I was ordering beyond the pictures provided. And while sites like offered some built-in translation features to allow for a more streamlined shopping experience, others did not provide this courtesy. This problem spilled over into food shopping, clothes shopping, and just utilizing the basic functionality of the web.

Luckily I was shown the IDP dictionary app, which changed everything! No longer was translation an issue while browsing online. One simple program changed everything!

Here you can search the IDP dictionary files and get translations of English words into other languages, or from other languages into English. Just use the on-line form below to enter your word, select the translation you want, and press the “Search” button to get an answer in the frame at the bottom of the page. Note that the IDP dictionaries only contain between several hundred to a few thousand words (depending on the language), so you might not always get an answer. Also, the IDP does not guarantee that any result you get from these dictionaries is correct. For the most part, the translations are correct, but there may be incorrect translations that have not been found. If you get a result that you know is incorrect, please contact the IDP and inform them of the situation.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s probably not in the dictionary yet. To add it to the dictionary yourself, click on the Back button at the bottom of this page, and then select Update.

These are very small dictionaries – you may or may not find what you are looking for. Proceed with caution.

This word exactly, or
Words that contain this part of a word.(For example, searching for exactly “and” would only retrn the translation(s) for “and”. Searching for words that contain “and” would return translations for “and”, “hand”, “husband”, etc.)